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What you NEED to know before your first visit....

24 hour cancellation & no-show policy

Our cancellation policy is to benefit clients who may be waiting for an appointment time to become available so they may receive their much needed Massage. We do run a cancellation list, so your timely consideration is very much appreciated!
Please give notice no later than 24 hours before your appointment if you are unable to keep your appointment to avoid a fee.
A history of repeat cancellations will result in prepayment of all future services, no refunds for late cancellations or no-shows.

In order to compensate the Therapist for your scheduled time, there will be a deduction of a prepay session, or a gift certificate will be voided.
No-Show's will be sent an invoice for their missed appointment which must be paid before returning.

Our schedule is posted on our online booking site.

Availability is posted within 30 minutes of the next available appointment time.  If your preferred Therapist isn't available, you may call us directly to see if they are on call (520.334.1919) or try any one of our other well qualified Therapists.  We also encourage you to call or use the contact form on our contact page if your preferred time isn't shown on our scheduling system.  Online booking times default to 90-minute blocks for a 60-minute session, so a time won't be offered even though it may be available on our end.

Voice messages & emails are checked regularly throughout the day.

You can also communicate with us via text message by request.

Mandatory consultation required for ALL youth massage treatments.

For the ease & comfort of the child, adult supervision may be necessary and is encouraged. A child's comfort & trust is our TOP priority, therefore SWIMWEAR IS REQUIRED during all youth massages. We will not work on a child who isn't wearing swimwear or regular clothing, & rescheduling will be recommended. Thank you for your understanding.

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Recommendations for enjoying your massage experience...

If you are within at least 2 days of catching a cold

PLEASE reschedule your appointment.  Not only should you stay home & rest, but laying face down in the face cradle will increase pressure to your sinuses.  We also ask as a courtesy to not expose our Therapists or our work space, as we have clients who have compromised immunity or young children at home.

Please DO NOT wear body lotion (scented or regular), perfume, or cologne before receiving your massage.

It interferes with the pure, organic massage oil & aromatherapy used during your service.  It may also effect clients who are scent-sensitive following your appointment. Cooperation in this particular tip is greatly appreciated!

Remember to turn off your cell phone.

Exceptions are medical or family emergency ONLY.  For all other calls, we ask that you not give attention to your phone while you are in session.  Should you need to answer your phone, the treatment will stop during the call & resume when you are finished and the session will be completed at it's scheduled time.  ASK ABOUT OUR NEW "JUICE BAR" COMPLIMENTARY CHARGING STATION!!  We can "power up" your device while you "power down".

Please wait to undress AFTER we have left the room & the doors are closed

You may disrobe to the level of YOUR comfort.  There is no standard for what you are to wear (or not wear) for your massage.  BY LAW, private areas on men & women are to be covered at ALL times. Some things to keep in mind, undergarments are a nonverbal boundary, the areas UP TO the underwear will be addressed.  Men choosing athletic shorts, swim shorts, or boxers, keep in mind that we can only work on exposed area's of the leg and will work through the sheet for the upper leg, hip, and sacral areas.  Women choosing to wear a bra or sports bra, it is certainly your choice, but please understand that treatment to the back is limited.  For individuals who are comfortable without undergarments, you will be discreetly draped, and only work area's are exposed. Discretion, trust, and comfort is our TOP priority.

Please let us know if you are uncomfortable in ANY way.

Pressure adjustment, room temperature, stereo volume, or if you would prefer to stay quiet during your treatment.

All methods of payment are accepted.

All major credit cards, including American Express. Health Savings Account Cards. Cash & Checks...Please make checks payable to Spa Daze.

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Thank you, we look forward to taking care of you soon!

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