Pre Paid Packages

We have several packages to choose from!
$15 off ANY 3 Treatments of your CHOICE!
*All 3 of the same modality/price
4 month expiration
$60 off ANY 6 Treatments of your CHOICE!
*All 6 of the same modality/price
7 month expiration
  • ALL of our Pre Paid Packages are transferable.  Share them with your spouse & family members.  They also make great gifts to friends, co-workers, or customers!    (As long as they use their session by the expiration date) *Pregnancy Packages are not transferable.
  • They can be continuously renewed & are always available.
  • Any applicable expirations can be suspended for up to one month for seasonal or medical leave.
  • You can only redeem sessions for the purchased modality, no credits, no substitutions.  Packages are limited to Therapists who practice purchased modality.
  • Packages are not refundable.


We can provide a treatment statement for third party billing.  While we don't bill insurance, we can provide all the information you need to get reimbursed.
We also accept HSA (Health Savings Account) cards as a form of payment.  You are responsible for determining how much, if any, documentation is needed to cover your sessions.  We can provide statements regarding your treament(s) that you may then submit as verification.

Tax Deduction

In most cases, massage can be deducted from your annual taxes as a "medical expense".  Talk to your accountant about what is needed to include this option at the end of the year (a prescription from your Doctor may be required).

We want to work with you in achieving your fullest potential.  The best way to accomplish that is with regular massage.  


Everyone's goals and needs are different...and there are a variety of factors that we take into consideration when making our recommendations.  Such as:

  • How long &/or how frequently have your symptoms been affecting you?

  • Have you determined what is causing this distress to your body?  Is it something that can be modified or alleviated from your routine?

  • What else have you tried in treating your area of concern?  And how have you responded to other modalities?

  • How is this issue affecting other parts of your body or lifestyle priorities?

And other such questions...


If you are in acute symptomatic pain or experiencing moderate to severe mental or emotional stress we would recommend more frequency in your visits until your areas of concern are stabilized and then re-establish your goals.  This allows for less regression between visits and to maximize improvement.


If you are incorporating Massage Therapy with other types of bodywork (Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, or other modalities) and respond to massage easily & comfortably, the frequency might be once or twice a month with additional sessions as needed or at your own discretion.


We typically recommend Massage or other types of bodywork at least once a month for maintenance.  We want to KEEP you that way!  Also, as things come up (and they usually do) makes treating you easier and your recovery time faster!


Regular bodywork also enhances your well-being by releasing endorphins and serotonin, which reduces the production of cortisol (a stress hormone that leads to sleeplessness, weight gain, and stress-related disorders).


We reward the commitment you have made to your health with a discount on multiple sessions.  By purchasing a series, you agree to our terms of services.


Thank you!

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