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"Spa Daze is wonderful, I highly recommended it! A few of the reasons I love it is because it is squeaky clean, peaceful, and everyone is genuinely friendly. They are skilled in their field & have always been very professional. After every massage, I wish I had a chauffeur because I'm so relaxed."

"From the second you walk in, you will begin to relax. The sights, sounds, and smells were designed with that purpose in mind. The team of therapists are outstanding. Spa Daze is the only place my family goes for massage therapy."

I got the best massage I've had in years and I've had a lot. Probably one of the best massages of my entire life and I've been getting them for 20 years. I went in because after three days of neck pain and not being able to move my head freely I woke up with shoulder stiffness that was crippling. I've never experienced anything like it! My left shoulder was in pain and luckily I read the reviews and went in to Spa Daze. If you need a massage or want to get someone the best gift ever, then go here! I'm amazed today that my shoulder is healed. I can still feel where the tension was but I'm good to go!!!  I also enjoyed their knowledge and aromatherapy and herbs, plus the cupping and little rose quartz tool put it over the top.

6812 N. Oracle Rd #100 / 520-334-1919
6812 N Oracle Rd., #100
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