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"My recent massage by Bethany was absolutely outstanding. One can feel that she knows and senses what she is doing and that she is really into what she is doing! Such high-quality therapists are rare to come was my lucky day! It took just this one 90 minute session to release all the unpleasant stiffness and pains. Afterwards, I felt very calm and like I was relieved off a heavyweight. I will be back soon because I want to take good care of myself, especially since I lift weights, do HIIT and practice Bikram Yoga regularly. The massage brings all back into such pleasant balance! I thought always the Yoga would do that and I won't need a massage, since I always feel as if I just gave myself a massage after a Hot Yoga session, but I could just not get rid of my tight almost cramping muscles and back pain from Yoga.
Spa Daze is now my place to go!"

"My experience yesterday was nothing short of amazing. Communication leading up to my appointment was excellent, and when I arrived, check-in was quick and pleasant. The treatment room is gorgeous (I love that historic building!). My therapist, Michelle, took the time to determine exactly what I needed before she began. Throughout the treatment, she checked in with me about my preferences with pressure, temperature, etc. and I felt comfortable and valued. Such a talented practitioner! 'll be back."

"Spa Daze is wonderful, I highly recommended it! A few of the reasons I love it is because it is squeaky clean, peaceful, and everyone is genuinely friendly. They are skilled in their field & have always been very professional. After every massage, I wish I had a chauffeur because I'm so relaxed."

"Easiest 5/5 stars I have given. Jessi Kyte was everything I was looking for in a massage therapist. She was professional and spiritual. She took the time to talk with me and asked about where my pain was and what could have caused it. She asked about my work, hobbies, and any difficult times I have had that could cause stress and strain. That alone was therapeutic. 

She used all that information to help work away the pain in my lower back and sciatic nerve. I am scheduled to see her again in two weeks for a follow-up. 

The environment was tranquil and inviting. Light music played as I drifted away. For 75 minutes, I forgot all about my responsibilities. It was freeing."

"From the second you walk in, you will begin to relax. The sights, sounds, and smells were designed with that purpose in mind. The team of therapists are outstanding. Spa Daze is the only place my family goes for massage therapy."

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